Check Drinking Water Suite Deluxe Test Kit


This suite includes additional tests added to our most popular test kit for home drinking water tests. This Check Drinking Water suite is based on European Union (Drinking Water) Regulations 2023

This simple kit contains 3 bottles, gloves and instructions on how to take your drinking water sample properly. Once the sample is taken, Express Post or deliver the bottles back to us on the same day. The sample can be received in the laboratory up to 24 hours after being taken.

All analysis is INAB accredited to ISO17025 standards, giving you confidence that your results are accurate. Our laboratory scientists use advanced instrumentation to provide accurate results up to 5 times more accurate than a home water testing kit purchased off the shelf.

The water sample will be tested for the following parameters:

Check Deluxe Suite
Aluminium High intake can pose a risk to those with kidney disorders.
Iron Causes taste issues, orange tint in water and on tanks.
Manganese Causes taste issues, leaves black deposits in tanks.
Turbidity Indicates contaminants in the water that can host bacteria.
pH Can cause corrosion and taste issues.
Colour Can signify quality issues and affect water treatment
Conductivity Indicates high dissolved solids in water - taste issues.
Hardness / Limescale Causes lime build up in kettles, can damage heating/pipework
Ammonia Indicates possible contamination of water by sewage/animal waste.
Nitrite High levels can cause blue baby syndrome in infants.
E Coli Faecal contamination, can cause gastroenteritis and diarrhoea.
Total Coliforms Can indicate contamination or disinfection not working.
Enterococci Certain strains of enterococci (e.g. Enterococcus Faecalis) can cause illness in humans.
TBCs @ 22 C Count of total bacteria after incubation at 22C.
Lead Can cause severe poisoning. Presence may be due to lead pipes in older houses.
Copper Can cause sickness, kidney damage as well as blue green discoloration of hair or fittings. 
Nitrate Particular risk for those using shallow wells in areas of intensive farming.
Boron Boron contamination comes from industrial discharges or from detergents in sewage effluent.
All of the above Check Suite Plus tests and:
Fluoride Excessive consumption may cause mottling of teeth.
Arsenic Elevated levels can lead to cancer of liver skin & lungs.
Nickel Can leach from plumbing fittings. Known as a skin allergen.
Selenium Important trace element but excessive levels can cause issues
Sodium May be present where water softeners are used. Excess levels can cause heart problems.
Chromium Its presence in water would indicate industrial and domestic chromium waste discharges or from contaminated land.

If we find your drinking water sample to contain levels of bacteria, we will alert you within 3 days by email.  The Certificate of Analysis with the remainder of the parameters to be tested will be emailed to you in 10 working days along with an information sheet on understanding your results.

(Note: From July 2020 all local authorities require a trained technician from an accredited laboratory to take the sample for the purposes of applying for a well grant. Fitz Scientific Technicians are very experienced and trained in taking aseptic water samples using the proper sampling regime.  They will bring the sample  back to our Drogheda Laboratory, on the same day within the recommended time span and under the proper temperature conditions. Do not purchase this self sampling kit if you are applying for a well grant - see