Full Drinking Water Test Kit


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This full drinking water test is based on European Union safe drinking water regulations.

This simple kit contains 3 bottles, gloves and instructions on how to take your drinking water sample properly. Once the sample is taken, post or deliver the bottles back to us on the same day. The sample can be received in the laboratory up to 24 hours after being taken.

All analysis is UKAS accredited to ISO17025:2015 standards, giving you confidence your results are accurate.The water sample will be tested for the following parameters as part of the European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations 2014:

Aluminium Ammonia Colour Conductivity
Iron Nitrite pH Hardness
Clostridia Total Coliforms E Coli
Turbidity Manganese

A Certificate of Analysis will be sent to you with your water test results along with an information sheet on understanding your results. We'll also call you before testing is completed should any harmful bacteria show up on your drinking water sample.

UKAS accredited drinking water test