Basic Soil Test - pH, Lime, P & K


Basic Soil Test - pH, Lime, P & K

This test will check for the basic growth nutrients in soil.

Choose this test if you are particularly concerned about the following:

pH Lime Requirement
Available Phosphate Exchangeable Potassium

We can send you soil boxes in which to place each sample or you can send the samples in your own containers. Once the sample is taken, post or deliver the sample(s) back to us.

A Certificate of Analysis will be sent to you with your soil test results.


15 working days turnaround time for soil analysis

These soil tests meet the requirement of the Department of Agriculture National Liming Programme 2023. They do not meet the requirements of the 2023 Eco-Scheme which is a different scheme.

Fitz Scientific provide analytical testing results only. If you need any additional advisory services in relation to an explanation of the results regarding your soil, please contact an Agricultural Consultant or Advisor.

Lab Opening Hours for receipt of samples is 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.